Website & Social Media Strategy

Web Design – our visual world

Web design encompasses many aspects of a website including the visual design, information architecture, content, usability and interactive features (animations, user interactions etc.).

Our creative strategy process:

  • Develop an emotional connection to the brand
  • Stakeholder alignment of brand /nomenclature
  • Brand DNA: brand perception, voice, style, attributes, positioning
  • Define the audience profiles
  • Target audience needs and user intentions including consumer, referrals, eco system of advisors, distributors and partners
  • Messaging to each target audiences
  • Information design and delivery across media

Build digital relationships and inspire brand loyalty with an active social voice.

Social is not a channel—it’s a brand attribute. It’s a content strategy. Social is not just a single platform or network—instead it is the woven texture between all of our work efforts. We weave social into your total digital strategy and then develop the channels that make sense for your business. We analyze your audience to identify strategic insights and new ways ideas for creative angles.

  • Social Strategy and Definition
  • Community Management
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Google+

User Experience Architect a blueprint and framework to guide your user’s journey.

Reviewing your existing content, requirements, and target user needs the User Experience team defines the structure for the experience that comes next. We know your consumers have varying needs and it’s not always a straight line. We think of the various paths and we understand how consumers will experience your new brand presence and make sure they get the right content at the right time.

  • User Experience Strategy and Definition
  • Content Strategy & Definition
  • User Journeys, Transaction, and Process Flows
  • Experience Optimization
  • Usability Testing


Mobile Application Design

Introduce a flawless, functional experience to your always-on mobile audience.

Engage with your user anytime, anywhere. Whether through an Android or iOS app, we build immersive mobile experiences for both consumers and enterprise businesses that take brand DNA on the go, with an eye toward both existing and emerging mobile technologies.

  • Consumer Apps
  • Business management
  • Sales Tools

Responsive Web Development

Respond to your user.

Device screen sizes are constantly changing and it’s having a profound affect on how websites are accessed and experienced. We create responsive websites that allow sites to be accessed from any screen size without compromising designs.

  • Mobile First
  • Device detection and targeted content and functionality

Alden Marketing Group Inc. helps create highly complex, global, and custom web site platforms that drive brands and business. Our builds are large, complex, and visually stunning as our clients demand robust technology empowering great user experiences. These content powered, socially enabled experiences travel with your mobile audience and act as a hub for your brand, driving key sales and marketing initiatives to grow your business.

  • Content Management Systems
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5 Cache Manifest
  • Mobile First & Responsive Design Platforms 

Video Production

Tell your story in an engaging medium.

Disruptive video is an integral part of today’s content mix. With full shooting and editing capabilities, our partner studio creates interactive video experiences that synchronize with your brand strategy and engage your prospects.

  • Interactive Video Production
  • Short Form Content
  • Hi Production Value Video
  • Documentary
  • Digital Pre-Roll
  • Editing
  • Shooting
  • Motion Graphics

We tell stories to elevate your digital brand story. Inventing ways to connect your prospects to your brand encouraging them to share with others is good for business. Think “good karma” for your brand. How is your company good for the world?